Oscar & Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes App Reviews

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I absolutely love this app! I'm a longtime follower of Jonathan and now his son, Oscar, and I will be a loyal fan for many years to come, I am certain of it. Wonderful, spot-on forecasts and very user-friendly app. 🙂

Wonderful app and great insights

It truly feels like Cainer's words are the most well thought out and meaningful. Spot on a majority of the time. Also, the app is nice and stable with regular updates.

Thank you for this app!

Hauntingly accurate and increasingly entertaining! Worth the few dollars spent for a full chart reading as well!

Loving the update!!!

I've had this app for a little over 2 years and never thought it was complicated to navigate through... Until I saw the update today! I love it; it's simpler, brighter, the colors are richer and the info is still accurate! One of my favorite astrology apps.


I have always really liked Cainer's site and the readings to my sign , usually have depth and is helpful as it applies to situations I'm going through. The main point I would impart is that his horoscopes are more insightful and useful than most other horoscopes.

The Best Astrologer on the planet!

There is no one better, wiser, or such a pleasure to read than Jonathan Cainer.

Love the insight

The horoscopes are always what I need to hear or something that is going on in my life, I have been listening and reading Jonathan's work for a long time now, great app.

Fraud & Non Sense

Bogus, vague horoscopes, shamelessly attempts to sell his five star service with every reading. If you read the horoscopes of the other signs you'll soon realize he says the same thing over and over in ever sign just worded differently. Or he makes his horoscopes so vague of course anybody will do a mental gymnastic and relate to it. This guy is a hack , a hoax, and a fraud. My last horoscope said "you're uncertain about your future" well yeah me and the rest of the human race are you phony. What's worse is he advertises his service at the end of every forecast and he blends the pitch for his service in with it.


He used to be spot on but now readings are just ramblings of nonsense that are confusing and require reading 2 or 3 times to make any sense. Loved this guy when he was speaking like a normal person....

A daily advertisement

The horoscopes are cryptic & at the end if each is a sakes pitch to buy something. No thanks.

Long time fan

If you like the website this app is a seamless transition. Been a fan of Cainer for years and glad to have him in a convenient app.

I LOVE Jonathan Cainer!!

I've been reading Jonathan Cainer for years and have to say that I love him for his always positive outlook and always finding something good to say in every situation!! He has brightened many of my days, weeks and years and I ALWAYS look forward to his forecasts! THANK YOU so much for the wonderful service you provide, Mr. Cainer!! You're a bright and shining star!

So so

These horoscopes are more like a tidbit of a forecast, and then an advertisement for other forecasts.

Completely Useless!!

This app doesn't load any content. Keeps having an error message that content is being downloaded check back in a few seconds. What time zone does a few seconds equal never? Don't waste your time with this app.

Best Horoscope App

Funny and very detailed. Best App for Horoscopes! You get great Monthly - Weekly &Daily!!! You won't be disappointed 😃♈️♎️♍️

Always on the mark

Very accurate reading

Jonathan Cainer is Amazing

He has helped me through so many challenges with his spooky, spot on forecasts. My husband poo poos the horoscope thing, but even he cannot deny how accurate and helpful Jonathan has been. Truly, he had encouraged me to do things I could only dream of - - his direction has been life-altering.

Good App!

Interesting forecasts, at times very close. When going through life's hardships, an app of this nature can be beneficial to read for mind and heart. PS, Jonathan - Two consistent typos I stumble on often, 'realise' (realize) and 'recognise' (recognize)

Best AstrologerEver

I have been reading this astrologer daily for more than 12years - way before the iPad or iPhone. He is the best in my book!!

Not too bad...

Pretty good so far, but when you choose "daily forecast" you get the forecast for the month of January... Would be nice if it could show/calculate rising sign.

Dead on

It's my first day reading it so I'm not so sure yet. But, the weekly horoscope is so dead on, down to the details.

Best I've seen

I was married to an astrologer, so I am familiar with serious and somewhat esoteric astrology. Cainer gives the only generic readings that I have ever found value in. This guy is truly gifted.

Lindsay Fisher

I rate 5 star. Astonishing Leader... Remarkable Intelligence... His sound judgement helps all if you are willing to stay thoroughly on track. This wise person has a heart of gold. He has my support and encouragement. I hope you enjoy his profound teachings and build a foundation of success. Expression of ideas may sound confusing at first but that is only because his life is built up to 100% of spirituality that we as whole must learn to grasp within the depths of our hearts and the perception of our minds!


Always enjoyed his website and the app works well, have had no issues


Every single horoscope ends with a commercial to buy his "upgraded" scopes. VERY ANNOYING

Perfect start to the day...

Jonathan is the start to my day, my week, my month. My secret weapon to keep it real and positive. To say the least I am always prepared. Thanks to him I remain courageous and authentic... Love & Light Jonathan

The best

This man is truly a genius and I've been following him for over 13 years, always accurate!


Love his insight and sense of humor.

Review from Pamela Pearl

Jonathan has carried me in hope for about 20 years. I read his site daily and check out the planets !! Love him,, thanks Jonathan, from a devoted follower, Pam


Accurate to a point, confusing at the time initially, but insightful!

Like word game to me

Play words a lot. Not very specific. Some sentences are philosophical and good for learning the language.


This app is fun and easy to navigate

Easily "Best of the Net"

Been a long time Cainer fan. Short, sweet and straightforward information without the BS often found elsewhere. App works perfectly every time which tells me that the same kind of attention that goes into Jonathan's information goes into the production of the app.


This is the only horoscope I need. Love the insight.

Good stuff!

I've been following Jonathan for years and years and years... because he is so good. He's positive and very accurate. This app is a perfect extension of him.

Love Cainer!

ALWAYS spot on!


simply the best you will find.

Love it!

Been a avid fan for a long time. Great app, great daily's, not to mention how I enjoy the daily thought of the day.

Simply the Best

Been reading Jonathan for at least ten years. Always a keen insight. Glad this is such a complete app. As good as the original website. If you can, purchase an individualized reading. You'll be amazed.

It's on the stars.

Always amazing & so relatable ..!

Great app!

Great app!


Great app

Great Horoscope

Very good. Some too good.

Great but the ads are obnoxious

I've been a reader for a long time, and his insight is valuable, yes. However, the constant ads at the bottom of the horoscopes telling to me buy a personal chart (which I have and do) an also the lack of weekend updates is a bother. I wish I could log in an customize my content, and have my personalize charts available to me in the app without having to sign into a 5 star service


I am reading J. Cainer's web page every day since 1995. Therefore I love this application.

Wise and witty

I absolutely enjoy reading my horoscope daily. Jon gives wise advice while at the same time keeping it light and witty. Accuracy is one of his strengths as well. Thank you, Jonathan.


Extremely accurate and refreshing that he writes in such positive tones. I recommend Jonathan to anyone wanting insight to there life. Love him!


Insightful and accurate...I look forward to checking my forecast daily. Love the weekly synopsis too! 5 stars!

Is This A Riddle?

He Writes It In Metaphors And Riddles No One Wants To Read That Come Out And Say It Deleting ASAP!

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